Sunday in September and fall is doubtlessly over us. I was thinking about getting my running shoes on and hit the trail, but nightfall comes so quickly this time of year that before I had even started looking for my training outfit it was pitch black outside. And since my regular running course includes parts in the deep djungle of Åled where no city lights reach, I decided to postpone the whole deal. Wouldn´t want to risk a sprained foot with tons of work coming my way next week, right?
Speaking of forrests, they say the woods are full of chanterelles this year. Well, that´s what they say on tv , broadcasted from Stockholm where they have no boars. If you´ve ever seen a forrest inhabited by wild boars, you know that there will no eatable mushrooms left for you. The boars ate them all. I hate boars.
Today´s pictures inhabit no pigs, but my daughter and her cousin, in the woods. Looking for non existent chanterelles.
The other one hasn´t got any chanterelles in it either, but quite a bit of smog. It´s Shanghai, and I took it in 2009 when I and reporter Mia Sahl was over there to check out the solar eclipse. A failure that, too, as the sky was overcast and it simply went black. No more, no less. But the view from Shanghai world financial center a couple of days earlier was magnificent!

Tomorrow I´m going to set up the darkroom again. It´s about time…