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Wedding season is on.

I thought this winter would last for ever, but now things are looking a lot better and spring looks like it might show up this year too. And that also brings wedding photography season! I know a lot of collegues hate shooting weddings: it´s time consuming, scary (failure is not an option), always on weekends and involve customers who are private persons rather than companies which sometimes is more of a hassle to deal with.
But I really like weddings.
Everyone is happy, emotional and beautiful. I get to play as much as I want in photoshop (which is an absolute no no in news and reportage photography) and I do actually get to SEE my customers, as a contrast to shooting for clients in Stockholm whom I might be able to go and see maybe once a year at best.
I know there are as many ways of shooting weddings as there are wedding photographers out there, but for myself I like to have an informal meeting with my clients a few months or so before their big day.
Today I had a meeting with a soon to be married couple, and that was actually a meeting out of the ordinary. The man is the third sibling in the same family I get to serve with wedding images! I bet not every photographer get to do that!
Tomorrow I´ll be going to Helsingborg on assignment for Volvo.
Today´s pictures are from the other day, and depicts immigrants who get to acquaint themselves with swedish nature. No buyer as of yet on this one, so if you know an editor who´d be interested – let me know!





A while ago I did a job for tidningen Företagaren (magazine entrepreneur). It featured businesswoman Gerda Böcklinger who became filthy rich when she sold her company. Now she´s into chips, pumpkin oil and that kinda stuff. I wanted a picture of her surrounded by her products, but pumpkin oil would be… messy and fine chocolate (which she also sells) wouldn´t do the trick either. So I put her on the floor, put a large sheet of cardboard with a hole in it on top of her and then added boxes of fancy beetroot chip boxes around her. Then I mounted a forklift and had a girl lift me up in the sky. I think it turned out pretty cool. Not unique in any way, but a decent piece of work. In the end the magazine chose another (a lot more boring in my opinion) picture. But as long as the customer is happy, I´m happy!


Here´s a pretty cool website which lets you try out different light settings on a person. Check it out!

Exotic stuff!

If you´ve got an hour to spare, why don´t you check this documentary out about icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson. Incredible photographs of a disappearing world. Don´t miss it!


Reinfeldt kom förbi igår. Ja inte hit till Spånstad alltså, utan på snabbvisit hos räddningstjänsten i Halmstad. Varför just dit vet jag faktiskt inte riktigt, men Scanpix ville i alla fall att jag bevakade det åt dem. Shit vad länge sen jag gjorde den sortens jobb! Och så männen i kostym, spiralsladd i örat som envisas med att prata med handleden hela tiden. Jag får alltid för mig att de ska kasta sig över en om man gör en hastig rörelse eller kommer för nära ”objektet”.
Men de lät mig vara, tack och lov.
När man plåtar åt bildbyråer är det en ständig avvägning mellan att ta skarpa, välexponerade och rättframt dokumenterande bilder och att försöka vara lite mer arty farty. Inte alla tidningar gillar snea horisonter, och det får man ju förstås respektera och leverera bilder därefter. Bilden på statsministern i min mage brydde jag mig till exempel inte om att skicka in; den var enbart till för er!

Leif-Erik Nygårds

Procenter har gjort en intervju med den svenske fotografen Leif-Erik Nygårds, kanske mest känd för att ha tagit den sista bilden på Marilyn Monroe. Läs han spännande historia här!

A day with the kids

Ja har man inget annat att plåta får man väl plåta barnen. Eller åtminstone Nova; Levis tid kommer snart misstänker jag…
Och har man en farbror Erik som är en hejare på att bygga legotorn, ja då är idoltiteln liksom hemma!

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