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Nu börjar den

ja bröllopssäsongen alltså. Och nyss skrev jag ett långt och mycket läsvärt inlägg om helgens övningar, som helt och hållet gått i arbetets tecken. Men, så skulle Nova i säng och när jag kom tillbaka till datorn hade firefox-skitmögwebläsaren hängt sig och hela harangen är för evigt försvunnen eftersom jag obetänksamt nog inte tryckt på publicera. I sammandrag, eftersom jag inte orkar  skriva om: Lördag: årets första bröllopsfotouppdrag med fina brudparet Tobias och Amalia. Vädret stod oss i vanlig ordning bi, vilket jag förstås tackar för. Här följer ett smakprov. Innan jag hunnit hämta andan från bröllopet for jag vidare till Dormer och hotell tylösand, där företagets 150-årsgille skulle dokumenteras. Thomas Petersson dubbeljobbade han med. Först gisledagarna och sen dormer tools, och vi fick en trevlig pratstund innan han en timme försenad fick äntra scenen.
Ja, så typ.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.


Nova badar, pappa plåtar.

Att fotografera sånt som inte finns

Som fotograf händer det emellanåt att man får i uppdrag att bildsätta något som inte går att fånga på bild. Låter det svårt? Ja, det är det också. Ibland får man några dagar på sig att tänka ut hur detta osynliga ska omsättas i ett par dussin megapixlar, andra gånger förväntas kreativiteten rusa till inom loppet av några minuter. Ibland lyckas man skapa en känsla i bilden som förmedlar det den tillhörande texten berättar om, andra gånger får man vara glad om det blir en snygg, blickfångande bild utan några andra förtjänster än en snygg yta.
Dagens Arbete är en tidning som satsar mycket på den fotografiska bilden, och någon av redaktörerna där hör av sig vill man förstås anstränga sig lite extra. De senaste gångerna har det handlat om anställda som blivit illa behandlade av sin arbetsgivare och berättar sin historia anonymt. Kvällstidningsklichén är ju annars ett kort taget bakifrån, gärna med en kapuschong uppfälld över den anonyma skallen. Skittråkigt.
Den här gången handlade jobbet om en tjej som råkat illa ut, men fick hjälp av facket (surprise!). Tjejen ville inte vara med alls på bild, så det fick bli på hennes ombudsman istället. Ett dunkelt förhandlingsrum och en rasterförsedd blixt i fejset så blev det väl något slags känsla åt rätt håll i alla fall. Tror jag.

Imorron plåtar jag snillrika uppfinningar på högskolan här i stan.


Making history

The day before yesterday, tuesday 15th, a whole bunch of photographers, all over the world, turned their cameras on themselves, documenting their everyday life in a project called Aday. The resulting images will be saved for future research. A few years ago a similar project was held in Sweden, and that time I had lots of photos planned, from dawn to dusk, and managed to get a couple of shots in the book that was the end result. This time I didn´t have a clue as to what to shoot, but teamed up with my friend Magnus Persson for some street photography in Halmstad. We had a couple of pleasant hours downtown, but the pictures that came out of it, at least on my part, will certainly not end up in any books. I guess it´s hard to focus at shooting pictures when you´re visiting with someone. It´ll be very exciting to see what other photographers from around the globe has captured once the book and exhibition is out, whenever that will be….


Inte autofokus direkt

ja kolla själva!

GP action

Working with Greenpeace often means long hours, meeting people from all over Europe, and usually lots of action. As their work usually involves large corporations getting pissed and calling the police, everything is kept very secret with much attention to security and staying low profile up until it´s time for the protest action, whatever that might be. Sometimes it´s very elegant, like in Copenhagen in December when two welldressed and well spoken Greenpeace employees lured a whole bunch of oilpeople from their meeting about drilling for oil in the Arctic to a Greenpeace presentation on the same subject. The GP people went on for half an hour, talking about the risks involved in Arctic exploration, no objections heard from the crowd, not even when the GP-logo was shown at the end! Other times the GP protests are a lot more hands on so to speak, like this time when GP activists intercepted and boarded finnish icebreaker Nordica several times, far from land in the middle of the night.  The Nordica is on its way to help Shell find oil. Where? In the Arctic of course!
This time I was part of documenting the GP protests outside Gedser in Denmark. Secret as always, I didn´t know what anything was about, when I got on the train in Halmstad. I was just to meet a shorthaired guy with a big brown backpack accompanied by a tall, eldery rather eccentric looking male. Well, I found them quickly, even though the latter one didn´t look quite as much as santa claus as I´d expected. Then on to basecamp a couple of hours away, where everyone were in standby mode, waiting for the Nordica that I was finally briefed about. Activists had managed to board it outside Öland in the middle of the night. Then the Nordica went into port in Karlskrona where the activists were apprehended by police. The ship´s movements was easy to follow via internet, and once it left port again it would reach the waters outside Gedser about twelve hours later.
At three in the morning it was raise and shine and after some well needed coffee we entered two small rubber boats and started the bumpy 1,5 hour drive at full speed straight out into the darkness. As the boat I rode in was a twoseater, I had to stand in the back, half ways down in a split position, holding on for dear life as my polish boat driver drove the thing like a…. polish boat driver. It was pretty much like riding one of those mechanical rodeo bulls you´d find at amusement parks and elsewhere, but for 90 minutes instead of the standard 30 seconds…
Finally the Nordica appeared out the mist, and all of a sudden several more GP boats showed up too. The other ones had attacked the icebreaker a few hours earlier in pitch darkness. Being able to rotate on its own axis, the Nordica hit one of the GP boats, resulting in a woman falling overboard. I know a lot of people think activists are idiots, but to me they are extremely brave guys who risk their own lives for the sake of our common planet.
Anyhow, then all the GP boats just followed the Nordica for several hours, accompanied by a danish coast guard vessel. I was beginning to feel a bit bored to be honest when another interception suddenly was ordered. Boats with activists raced close to the Nordica on both sides of her, starting to paint ”Stop Shell” on the hull. Immediately Nordica started revolving on her own axis again, almost turning one of the surprised GP boats upside down. It actually kind of looked like a gigant dinosaur trying to shake off a bunch of wasps attacking it. Pretty soon the sailors started spraying water on the GP boats with fire hoses, and also throwing things like bolts and nuts. Then all of a sudden a large helicopter appeared and begun hovering over the Nordica. Now what? Well, if it reminded of Jurassic park two minutes ago, now it was James Bond instead. From the heli a dozen or so of swat team cops (or whatever they call them in Denmark) was rappelled down onto deck!
I was trying my best to capture the action from the boat all photographers had assembled on, but had a hard time keeping lenses and cameras free of water which was spraying all over. One of my 5dMkII:s, kept in a waterproof bag, was dead when I picked it up. Very weird as it hadn´t seen any action at all, just the inside of a dry and comfortable bag. Luckily I as always had two cameras with me, and the other one didn´t fail, surviving both numerous gushes of saltwater and getting dropped hard on the boat deck, without lens and exposed sensor! Finally though, the much water on the lenses made shooting impossible, but by then the action was over. Eight hours in a small rubber boat, plus a pretty bad cold, took its toll and i was pretty worn out by the time we got ashore again. My very talented collegue Christian ( was probably even more exhausted. He didn´t get any sleep at all that night, as he went out to shoot the night raid. Like I said before: those GP people are rock hard….

As Greenpeace has exclusive right to my images for three months, I can´t show you much action pics, just a little sneak peak. So, come back in three months and you´ll see some more…