Sick and tired of dusty old pictures from 2012? Don´t worry, here´s my last set. Starting from the top: The infamous ”torture chamber” outside Halmstad goes up in flames when firebrigade used it for training purporses.
So did some storage facilities at Micropol in Åled. Just had to go there since I could see it from my house.
Reportage for ATL about clear-cutting.
My friend Michael Kälebo during one of his many runs. He did 500 kilometers of that last year….
Ecological pig farmer Gun Ragnarsson, Amos Magazine.
Then a bunch of images from a story about Superheros against cancer during their visit at Ronald MacDonald house in Gothenburg.
Portrait of art teacher Hana Richtrova for Uttryck magazine.
The greatest fire these last 100 years or so, when salt storage Hansson &Möhring burned to the ground.
Swedish queen Silvia saying hello to a calf at Wapnö farm.
Some handball, followed by Ugglarps grönt ceo Mikael Jidenholm, bosom full of weeds, ready to be made into flour.
Portrait of Anna Gonzales and Lasse Åkerström, owners of Halmstad hundarena.
Concept image for Swedbank 360 about the possibilities to ”diagonal” career moves.
And finally a portrait of a corn growing farmer in Laholm, whose name I´ve forgot. Sorry about that.
Enough of that old crap. New year, new possibilities, new images. Yihaa!