Well, since I have a few readers outside Sweden I´ll try to blog in English every now and then. Today it´s time for part three in the summary of last year´s work. Not my best year so far in terms of anything. But I guess it was ok considering the two hooligans at home, working hard to keep dad´s mind off everything related to work.
The most action I got was doubtlessly when at sea outside Gedser in Denmark with Greenpeace, documenting their attemt to stop finnish icebreaker Arctica from helping Shell searching for oil in the arctic. Most of my gear had to go see the repairshop afterwards, but it was so worth it!
I also got to see the oldest man in Sweden, Sven Hedberg 108, just months before he so to speak left the building. Tomorrow some more of 2012!

Stojan Lukic, Sats Halmstad åb340 Sven, riktigt gammal. Arbetsplatsreportage från Businesslink i Falkenberg. åb337 åb336 åb335 åb334