Shooting famous people (and I don´t refer to Lee Harvey Oswald-shootings)  like kings and queens offer a tough challenge.
1. Time is scarce2. Accessibility is even more scarce.
3. Coming up with a fresh angle is… not so easy.
The swedish royalties came to town today and swedish picture agency Scanpix wanted me to cover the happening. The king and queen must be the most photographed two persons in Sweden. Ever. And watching the media coverage whenever the royal ones show up must be pretty amusing in itself. Scads of photographers running around, trying to find the best angle, or any angle, to get the Picture. And what´s going on in front of the cameras are rarely anything spectacular. The king shaking hands with man in suit. The king shaking hands with woman in dress. The king cutting a ribbon. The king looking at tractor, machine, marching band, old fart holding a speech.  The king… well, I´m sure you get the idea, right? So it pretty much comes down to just documenting what´s going on, however dull it might be. At least the queen offered some kind of kodak moment, as she lend her hand to a newly born calf and let it suck on it for a while. Just too bad everyone else got that shot….
The image below is my favourite. It´s copied a bit to artistic to be presented to Scanpix, at least in its present manner, so this one´s for you. You like it?