Well, here I am again. It´s been a long, rainy summer with hardly any jobs for me this year. Guess all the editors made themselves scarse at the same time, so I´ve spent my days with the family and preparing for my greenhouse to be. Apart from a whole bunch of pictures of my kids, Dagens Nyheter called a while ago and had a rather specific request. They did a story on the tapeworm (dvärgbandmask in swedish) on rare occations found on wild berries. If you happen to get them in your body, it will screw you up pretty good. Anyhow, DN asked me to find a berrypicking family with kids and dog for the picture. And it would be nice if we have the pictures yesterday. So what to do? How about a family with four kids and four dogs? (Thank you mrs Törhagen for setting me up with your book club friend!) Everything turned out fine, and the editors were happy with the result. Tomorrow you´ll see another story in DN from me and writer Hanna J, so be sure to check that out.
Over and out.