Today USA and Japan clashed on swedish ground, at Örjans vall soccer arena to be precise. The battle was a part of Volvo Winner´s cup, whatever that is. Never heard of it before, but then I´m not a big soccer fan either. But my friend Jari at Hallandsposten tipped me off about the japanese media coverage which he said was something out of the ordinary. Then I read somewhere that some twenty million japans will be watching the game. Awesome! Of course I need to shoot the most viewed soccer game in the history of Halmstad! And seeing the media cirkus also drew some, I must admit. The japs were truly all over the place, hauling not on or two cameras each, but four! The myth about japanese people and cameras is not fake, that´s for sure.  Well, here´s some pix from today. Enjoy!

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