I bought myself a macro lens a while ago, not so much for bug photography as for wedding rings and dito details. I guess that also means having to drag along a tripod, at least if I want to get sharp images of those diamonds and engraving. And I´m sure the clients like sharp images as much as I hate tripods. Nowadays macro photography has gotten a new dimension with photoshop stacking. Normally macro work suffers from lack of depth of field. When you get really close to those bugs (or rings) it´s almost impossible to get the whole thing in focus. It´s like well, do I want the right or left eye of this dragonfly sharp? hmmm. So what about that stacking? Well, you put your camera on a tripod, focus on the nearest thing you want to be sharp, snap the shutter, move focus a tiny bit further away, click again and repeat as many times as needed. The you load all the images into photoshop, hit the magic button and then all you have to do is sit back, listen to the sweet sound of your processor working its electronic ass off with trying to get your pieces together. I´m just in the learning process of this, so I don´t have anything to show you just yet other than two mating bugs. No photoshop stacking, no tripod (and thus somewhat blurry).
If and when I have time and inspiration to dig deeper in the macro world I´ll show you some more. Until then, do check out this site.