The day before yesterday, tuesday 15th, a whole bunch of photographers, all over the world, turned their cameras on themselves, documenting their everyday life in a project called Aday. The resulting images will be saved for future research. A few years ago a similar project was held in Sweden, and that time I had lots of photos planned, from dawn to dusk, and managed to get a couple of shots in the book that was the end result. This time I didn´t have a clue as to what to shoot, but teamed up with my friend Magnus Persson for some street photography in Halmstad. We had a couple of pleasant hours downtown, but the pictures that came out of it, at least on my part, will certainly not end up in any books. I guess it´s hard to focus at shooting pictures when you´re visiting with someone. It´ll be very exciting to see what other photographers from around the globe has captured once the book and exhibition is out, whenever that will be….