I thought this winter would last for ever, but now things are looking a lot better and spring looks like it might show up this year too. And that also brings wedding photography season! I know a lot of collegues hate shooting weddings: it´s time consuming, scary (failure is not an option), always on weekends and involve customers who are private persons rather than companies which sometimes is more of a hassle to deal with.
But I really like weddings.
Everyone is happy, emotional and beautiful. I get to play as much as I want in photoshop (which is an absolute no no in news and reportage photography) and I do actually get to SEE my customers, as a contrast to shooting for clients in Stockholm whom I might be able to go and see maybe once a year at best.
I know there are as many ways of shooting weddings as there are wedding photographers out there, but for myself I like to have an informal meeting with my clients a few months or so before their big day.
Today I had a meeting with a soon to be married couple, and that was actually a meeting out of the ordinary. The man is the third sibling in the same family I get to serve with wedding images! I bet not every photographer get to do that!
Tomorrow I´ll be going to Helsingborg on assignment for Volvo.
Today´s pictures are from the other day, and depicts immigrants who get to acquaint themselves with swedish nature. No buyer as of yet on this one, so if you know an editor who´d be interested – let me know!