A while ago I did a job for tidningen Företagaren (magazine entrepreneur). It featured businesswoman Gerda Böcklinger who became filthy rich when she sold her company. Now she´s into chips, pumpkin oil and that kinda stuff. I wanted a picture of her surrounded by her products, but pumpkin oil would be… messy and fine chocolate (which she also sells) wouldn´t do the trick either. So I put her on the floor, put a large sheet of cardboard with a hole in it on top of her and then added boxes of fancy beetroot chip boxes around her. Then I mounted a forklift and had a girl lift me up in the sky. I think it turned out pretty cool. Not unique in any way, but a decent piece of work. In the end the magazine chose another (a lot more boring in my opinion) picture. But as long as the customer is happy, I´m happy!