Not too long ago Nova discovered that she was strong enough to carry the weight of a normal sized cat. And if you are that strong, what would more natural to do than… carry a cat around? Fortunately our fourlegged friend Sigge is more patient than patience itself, otherwise Nova would be torn to shreds by now. It´s a weird thing about cats, or at least Sigge, that it´s like he knows that he´s being abused by someone not entirely in control of her own actions. And thus keeps his claws in his paws. But one feels sorry for him when the little hooligan sneaks after him into the wash house where cat dinner is served, closing the door behind her making sure there´s no escape for him. Only weak cat-words for ”ouch, that hurts” slips out from beneath the door….

Today I´m getting ready for big time storm, expected to hit the west coast in a few hours.
They say it´s gonna be as bad as Gudrun, who tore down billions worth of trees a dark January evening in 2005. It eventually ended up rewarding me with a 3rd place in the Swedish picture of the year award, being the only image entered in the competition from that night.