I know, I´ve been a bad blogger. Not a word, not a picture here in ages. Sorry. I´ve just been busy as heck with all kinds of stuff that just hasn´t been… blogworthy. I´m sure you´re not interested in things like my book keeping, or how many diapers I´ve changed these past weeks. Sure, I´ve done a lot of works as well but as usual most of it isn´t published just yet. Two gigs are out though, so here they are. First one from Hallands Affärer 2.0, two collegues at Heurlins in Varberg. I liked the contrast between the two guys.Turned into a nice portrait, don´t you think? Second one from a quick job for Dagens Industri about companies in Gislaved who suffers from the new way in which electricity supply model. The further north, the cheaper current. One of the dividing lines goes straight thru Anderstorp/Gislaved.