Göteborgsposten called the other day and asked if I could do a job for them. Sure I could! It was a story about one of all bloggers and e mailusers that had their accounts compromised by a hacker. This girl lost her blog dating five years back and was pretty upset about it. This is what it looked like when published. One annoying thing about newspapers is that images come out pretty shitty in print, since their paper doesen´t exactly hold artprint quality…

Next article is something completely different. When I got back from Montana I couldn´t tell you about all the fun things we did over there, so here´s one of the ideas I had to keep from you for a while. We spent a few hours with Marge, who owns a fairly good sized ranch in Glendive where she raises cattle. Beneth the heards of beef to be there´s lots of somewhat older cattle – dinosaur fossils! Marge charges something like 100 bucks for a personal guided tour to her badlands, where you can look for and keep anything you may find. We followed a Texas couple who came with their 11 year old grandson, who´s really into dinos and stuff like that. We didn´t find any T-rex remains, but lots of other bones, petrifyed wood and turtleshells. My original plan was to do a travel story about Montana for one travel magazine or another, but chances of success are very slim. More often than not, the magazine have already done it, done something similar two weeks ago, doesn´t like the idea or angle of the job. In this case, one magazine didn´t even answer, and the other one was about to do the Montana/North Dakota trip themselves this fall… Just my luck.
Things worked out allright anyway, as youth magazine Kamratposten, aimed at kids and early teens, like the story so much that they bought it right away. And sure, having your stuff published in a fancy travel magazine is cool enough, but I think inspiring kids with an exciting story about another kid digging for dino fossils is not too bad either….