Yesterday morning my son took his first peek at the world. Being almost a week overdue, when he finally decided to come out, he came in a hurry. Guess life will be much different now, with two kids demanding attention a la minute. So don´t be worried if my blogging goes down in frequency for a while. It´s just the diaper changing business that has gone up in frequence. Something tells me that the last diaper I´ll ever change is several years into the future.
My last roll of tri-x on the other hand, was taken out of the camera the other day. I sold my dust collecting Hasselblad x-pan on Blocket (and acctually got what I paid for it like five years ago), and since I don´t have any other 135 film cameras I´d say it was the last roll of film I will ever develop. Sad(or maybe not) but true.
Here´s a pic from that last roll. It´s my buddy Fredrik who enjoys a late bath after a sweaty floorball game in Åled. Actually one of the nicest nights this otherwise rainy summer….