I know I´ve been way too sloppy when it comes to updating the blog lately. It just hasn´t been top priority. Teaching really takes its toll, especially preparing for class. Guess it might get better the second year when most of the material won´t have to be reinvented. My students all have macbooks, issued by the school. That´s nice when you want them to check something out on the net, like the camera simulator which let them see in real time what happens with the image if you change the shutter speed, aperture, iso or all of them. Very pedagogic. I think. What´s bad for pedagogics though is Facebook. Yeah, sure: I´ve got facebook, too. But I don´t live my life through it, and I don´t have to update two times a minute. I don´t know if that´s what they´re doing, but it gets tiresome to tell someone four times in half an hour not to facebook….
Anyhow, here´s part two of this season´s wedding pix. Part three will come, eventually.
Tonite you´ll find me in the dark chamber with the red lights on. I love the smell of chemicals in the evening.

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