My dad turned 72 the other day, and as a little present we took him out for dinner in Markaryd. Yeah I know Markaryd might not be the first place that pops into your head when thinking about dining out. But besides a perfectly decent meal, the town also boasts moose safaris! That was actually a neat thing. They had this little train on wheels, three cartridges stuffed with people (probably as many danes and germans as swedes. Germans are crazy about moose for some reason) and took us for an hour long ride in the park. Besides the mooses they also had a bunch of american buffalos, which I do think I have seen in the wild in Montana at one time or another. Cool. But the moose were actually more fun, as they popped their heads into the people´s laps, looking for goodies to eat. Nova and Emmanuella enjoyed it very much!