Wow, these are busy days! i just started my career as a photo teacher in Hyltebruk, which seems to take a lot of time and energy. I´ve got nine students, seven hours appx every other week. Just didn´t know prep time takes… so much time! On top of that I landed a pretty big job for the university which is due in a month, and on top of that all my other clients that need help with this and that. And on top of that, Ida is about to hatch any day now. Can´t figure out how we´re going to cope with two kids at home (Nova´s only allowed  15 hrs of daycare a week once no 2 pops out . Whoever came up with that idea can´t have any kids of their own ). Well, I guess we´re not the first one in history to have two children….
Just to give you a little something to chew on, here´s some more of my MaryJet images. I was pretty happy with them (happens rarely) and so was Mariette!
Today, we´ll turn the entire classroom into a camera obscura. Will tell you more about that later….

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