This weekend offered both work and recreation – not a bad thing to be able to combine those two at once! I did the second last wedding for this season in Jönköping, almost far away enough to be considered a destination wedding 🙂
Ida´s parents were happy to have Nova for a day or two, and Nova seemed equally glad to be spoiled….
The wedding shoot went ok, though a bit more nervous than ususal as I for obvious reasons hadn´t had time or possibility to recon the shooting places beforehand. That´s the advantage of hiring a press photographer for your wedding photos though. We´re used to improvise and – so to speak – play the cards handed to you. Oskar and Sandra are a really nice couple, and the photo session became very a pleasant one. Their ceremony was held in Sofiakyrkan, by far the largest church I´ve shot a wedding in so my 400 mm lens came in handy for some of the shots. I´m not too fond of that long lenses but when you need it, you need it. The newlyweds made a heck of an exit, first Porsche panamera turbo out to a nearby field where a helicopter waited to take them to the party! Cool!
I´ll just let you see a couple shots for now as I haven´t gone thru the raw files just yet.
That night me and Ida chilled in Jönköping with dinner, movie and some beers. Well, the beers were for me I should add. Found a couple of fun shots with my htc, also seen here below.
When back in Slätthult Nova had lots to tell us. Grandpa had caught a few crayfish, the largest one about the size of a small lobster. As you might see in the picture, Nova was a bit reluctant to cuddle it…