Well friends, sorry for not blogging in a while. I´ve kept busy as heck with not much time for anything but work, eat, sleep. And if you wonder why this text all of a sudden is in English it´s because I have a few readers overseas that might enjoy at least a post in their language at least every now and then. If you for any reason wants it in Swedish, try google translate. It works descent most of the time.
I was assigned to document the Tall ships races when the show hit Halmstad, which rendered a lot more work than anticipated. The whole thing was nice though, with around 400000 visitors altogheter! I didn´t really have time to enjoy it, as I was running around trying to get all the desired shots. Man, I longed for beer so bad, especially when seeing everyone else bulging away in the outdoor pubs after a long, hot day.
Not very satisfyed with the result, here it is anyways:

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